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Kalongpar Vidyapith, as it is recognised by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, follows all the instructions and directions of the council along with its 'pathyakram'. Besides, in consideration of the requirements of the students and to keep pace with the changing time there is provision for introduction of additional subjects in near future. The institution makes no compromise on discipline and it will be enforced with the co-operation of the teachers and the guardians in future too. Periodical assessment of the students' progress is a part of our educational prescription. The students must take the periodical examinations and the concerned guardians are informed about the progress of their wards. Additional classes are held when felt necessary with the co-operation of the Parents I Guardians. Teachings of extra subjects will also be started according to the needs of the situation. Special emphasis is given on Tutorials and seminars in groups to monitor the levels of understanding, problem solving, presentation and communication.

For every student, a record of academic, vocational, hobby, co-curricular activities and conduct is maintained for the whole session and a certificate is issued accordingly.


 To provide needed guidance in academic matter of the Vidyapith there is an Education Council comprising experienced educationists (nominated by the G.B.). The E.C. is headed by a Chairman elected by the members of the E.C. The decision of the council relating to academic motter is binding on all.


The G. B. is constituted according to the rules of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.


All the members who started the institution, all donors, parents / guardians and members nominated by the G.B. constitute the G.C. The general meeting is held every year to review the expenditure of the academic session and other relevant matters.


The function of the Rector is to manage the external affairs of the college.



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